South School Announcements - Make Note :)
Mon, Apr 17 9:00am

This week at South South School - make note :)


Walk/Bike to School Day - Earth Day

Join the South School community for Walk/Bike to School Day to celebrate Earth Day THIS FRIDAY, April 21st.  Wear BLUE and/or GREEN and participants will receive a special Earth Day charm to add to their tiger paws charm collection!

The grade level with the most participants will have the golden shoe displayed in their classrooms PLUS extra 15 minutes of recess!

Students Walking: 

As an OPTION for families who would like to WALK, but can’t safely navigate to school, there will be meet locations for each grade. Please have your child at the location at 8-8:05 to begin their walk. If you wouldn’t allow your child to walk unattended to school, please make sure you stay with them and walk; there will be one parent there for general safety, but they will not be personally responsible for your child. 

NOTE: the meet locations are NOT FOR BIKERS to be dropped off.

 Arrive at 8:00 AM

Grade level meet up locations:

TK- Fisher’s driveway: 119 Bridge Road

K- Fisher’s driveway: 119 Bridge Road

1- Simon’s driveway: 101 Fallen Leaf Drive

2- Keane’s driveway: 117 Roblar Ave

3- Harris’s driveway: 525 El Cerrito Ave

4- Heston’s driveway: 508 Roehampton Road

5- Selna’s driveway: 15 Redwood Drive


South Super Stars Talent Show - Friday, April 21st 6:30pm in the MPR

You are in for a treat! Come and watch your fellow South Tigers Sing, Dance, Recite Poetry, Play an Instrument, Demonstrate Martial Arts, Perform Magic Tricks, Juggle, and so much more... 


 Staff Appreciation Lunch Please RSVP by Wednesday April 19th 

Please join us to celebrate our amazing faculty and staff at the Staff Appreciation Lunch on

Thursday, April 27th 11:45-1pm! This is a great way to show our gratitude for everything our staff does to educate and enrich our children's lives every day.  Let's make sure every seat is filled!  Please RSVP by Wednesday, April 19 - thank you!