TEST RETURN DAY! Please read!
Tue, Dec 1 7:43pm

Hello South families,


Thanks to all our families with students returing to school next Monday for participating in tomorrow's Covid-19 testing.  Let's do our best to be the school with the highest percentage of participation!


Just a few reminders for tomorrow's test and drop-off:


*Please remember to complete your test tomorrow 12/2 (nothing in the mouth 45 minutes ahead of time -- a great time to do the test is first thing after your student wakes up)

*Please drop off in South's bin at District Office BY 1PM

*In addition to the test kit please include:

1. 2 signed HIPPA form

2. Ambry test form

3. Copy of insurance card

(Extra test forms and HIPPA forms will be at District Office if needed)


Please let me know if you have any questions about your test.


Thanks so much for your participation!


Bessie Seybold