Walk/Bike to School Day is TOMORROW
Wed, Mar 23 12:35pm

South School’s Walk/Bike to School Day is tomorrow, Thursday, March 24th.  The grade level with the most participants will have the golden shoe displayed in their classrooms PLUS extra 15 minutes of recess!

Students Walking: 

As an option for families who would like to WALK, but live too far or have schedule conflicts, there will be meet locations for each grade.  

NOTE: an update from the Fall Walk/Bike Day, the meet locations are not for bikers to be dropped off.


Arrive at 8:00 AM 

Grade level meet up locations:

K- Simon’s driveway: 101 Fallen Leaf Dr

1- Keane’s driveway: 117 Roblar Ave

2- Harris’s driveway: 525 El Cerrito Ave

3- Heston’s driveway: 508 Roehampton Rd

4- Zucker’s driveway: 15 Normandy Ct

5- Thompson’s driveway: 250 Sierra Dr

We highly encourage K & 1 parents to walk with their child.


Students Biking:

Helmet is a MUST!

For safety reasons, HPD advised it is dangerous if parents follow behind their biker in their car.  A vehicle behind the "following" parent will try to pass a slow-moving vehicle ahead and may not see your biker. Typically, only 4th and 5th graders ride bikes to school, however, since this is a school-wide event, it will be open to younger experienced bikers. 


Any questions, please email/text:

Kayoko Wong (kayoko1201@gmail.com/650-274-6115)

Jessica Zucker (jessica@klwines.com/415-305-0005)