Upcoming Sign-Ups


Wed, Apr 24 11:40am-12:40pm

HOT LUNCH VOLUNTEERS!   The Hot Lunch Program at South Elementary School is run daily by parent volunteers.   Parents help set up the tables for lunch service, serve the hot and cold lunches, and brea ... [More]

Door Openers for Morning Drop-off

Fri, Jun 14 8:10am-8:30am

Door openers volunteer on the same day once a week from 8:10–8:30 a.m. (e.g., every Monday)   If you need to find a substitute or switch days, please connect on Konstella. Alternates: Nicole Hall Sora ... [More]

Sign-Ups Without Specified Date

Lesson Preparation

GREAT FOR A PARENT TO DO AT HOME OR FOR A 5TH GRADER (can be community hours). Many of the lessons for the lower grades require preparation, gathering, and copying of a variety of materials.  Can be d ... [More]

Help with Author Visits

A variety of authors visit South each year.  Help is needed on the day of the author visit with book orders and then the signing of the pre-ordered books.  Dates of author visits are often not known u ... [More]

Book Covering & Labeling

Once new books are processed, they must be labeled and sometimes covered.  You will become an expert after 1 training session.  Weekly visits are preferred. You can pick your available time and day ea ... [More]

Battle of the Books

New this year, 4th and 5th grade students will be participating in a book trivia contest in November (dates not yet finalized).  Help will be needed to manage the teams as they compete at South and th ... [More]