Fall Festival - Thank You
Mon, Oct 29 12:43pm

Thank you to everyone who helped make Fall Festival a great event. 


Thank you to those who planned the event and to those who attended the event.  Thank you for your patience as we re-wrote plan our plan B and moved the event inside at the last minute.


In true Spencer style, everyone chipped in to move tables, find chairs, set up booths and even sweep the gymnasium floor at the end of the night.


If you attended Fall Festival please see the information below from one of our Spencer Center parents who had a booth set up.  The booth was tossing ping pong balls into Halloween tubs.


"Our treat bins had spider mazes and glow sticks but we also gave away costume jewelry and African art if the kids prefered.  There were girl's necklaces and bracelets and decorative glass boy’s bolo ties (not to be worn).  I want the parents to know that the jewelry is not from the dollar store.  Some may be expensive and some of it vintage costume, some of it is from Africa. I did not distinguish on the ziplock bag.  And that the bolos should not be worn because they are glass and meant to be decorative."


Thank You,

Fall Festival Committee

Spencer Center PTSO