Goodie Cart
Sat, Sep 29 9:58pm

Dear All,


This year, the PTSO will be hosting a goodie cart, to show our teachers and staff how much we appreciate them.  Once a month, a cart loaded with treats and appreciation letters will make the rounds, stopping by all classrooms and visiting all staff in the building.  Each month, a different grade will host the cart, making sure it is stocked with treats.  However, if you feel moved to add to the cart during a different grade's month, please just sign up for the date that works for you.


The cart will be visiting teachers on one Tuesday per month, with each grade hosting a different month. You can see the schedule and more details on the sign-up (see link), but this month’s hosts are the third grade families. Thanks so much to the 3rd grade parents for making sure we are well stocked!


In addition to treats, the cart will be delivering appreciation letters.  These letters can come from students or parents, and can go to teachers or other staff.  The letters can come in at any time during the month.  There is a mailbox in the office mailroom labeled "goodie cart", so the letters just need to make it to the office, and will collect in the mailroom until the delivery morning.  Your envelope should have the staff person's name and "goodie cart" on it (so, for example, Ms. Ginocchio c/o the goodie cart).  We will be sure to deliver the mail, along with the treats, on delivery day. If you want to send in a letter for this month, please be sure it arrives by 9 am on Tuesday. If you miss this deadline, we will be sure to deliver your letters next month!


Thanks for your help in showing our staff how much we appreciate them!
Joanna Abrams, PTSO volunteer co-coordinator