Monday's LSDMC Meeting
Sun, Mar 10 8:20pm
Please see the information below that the LSDMC has asked us to share.
Please share through Konstella our Draft Agenda for Monday's 6pm LSDMC meeting. Note we will be having a discussion about communications plans. I would love to have more parents in attendance for the discussion.

Agenda Items:

  • Opening Business - Gavi

  • Membership Update - Nina

  • Communications Discussion - Gavi and Nina

  • Spencer Growth Plans - Gavi and Nina

  • Reports

    • Principal’s Report - Nina

    • ILT Report - Todd

    • Walnut Hills Area Council Report - Karen

    • Walnut Hills Branch Public Library Update-Kendall

    • PTSO Report

    • Student Report-Aniyah and Ivy

  • Proposal - Krista

  • Adjourn