Proposed PTSO Bylaw amendments
Mon, Jan 21 10:37pm

Attached you will find the proposed amendments for the PTSO bylaws.  It looks like a lot of changes, but it is not.  The original bylaws were construction prior to the school opening by Spencer Center parents as to be ready to for a PTSO as soon as possible.  With all organizations, bylaws and policies and procedures should be reviewed annually and amended as needed.  We have taken this opportunity to do.


All changes are highlighted.  Anything just highlighted is added.  Anything highlighted and crossed through is deleted.


It looks like a lot of changes, but it is not.  They can be broken down into a few categories.

  • A Boosters Officer has been added to our Board and therefore a description and role had to be added.  This addition removed some responsibilities from our Student Enrichment Coordinator.
  • A section has been added to specify the PTSO Board's responsibility for approving a budget and providing the General Members with this budget for their approval as well.
  • The bylaws will now allow for the use of a credit card.
  • LSDMC and ILT "Liaison" has more appropriately been termed "Representative" have been moved to the Advisory Board vs the Executive Board.  These Representatives are not elected by the PTSO, they are elected by their own Boards with their own set of Bylaws.  We wish to work in conjunction with them, but our General Membership does not actually elect them.
  • A President Emeritus was added to encourage the continued participation of the past president and to provide foundation and insight to previous PTSO decisions and undertakings. 
  • Several terms were used to describe the members at large.  As a matter of consistency, the term "General Members" is now used throughout.
  • There were a few other changes made, again for consistency and congruency.

These are the bylaws as they will be propped for amendment at the next PTSO meeting.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact Erin Kelley at


Thank you

Spencer Center PTSO