Scentsy Fundraiser
Mon, Nov 20 8:02pm
Dear Summerwind Parents,
Scentsy orders are still open online for those that still want to order. You can do so using this link:
If you want to order using the paper forms that were sent out, or if you forgot to send your order to school, you can still do so as long as the form gets turned in on Monday November 27th. 
Please help us raise more funds. Only 30 students brought in order forms so far (out of 400+ students at the school) and we're still short of our $1500 fundraising goal, so please help us raise more funds. Send the link to grandparents, aunts/uncles, other family, friends, etc. Everyone can participate :) 
All proceeds will be used to buy STEM VEX kits for the school and to fund field trips for your children that are no longer funded through the school district.
Even a $10 order will help. There's something for everyone. 
Thank you in advance for your participation,
Summerwind STEM Academy PTO