"Free to Be YOU!" Pride Party 8:20am - 12:09pm
Wed, Jun 1 8:20am-12:10pm
Summit Denali Middle School campus



Today's event is centered on the theme  "Free to Be You!" and however you identify or choose to express yourself.  While we acknowledge June 1st as the beginning of PRIDE we hope that ALL of our students have fun, feel safe with the knowledge that we love them & are proud of them as individuals.


As parents, we guide and nurture the potential for growth  in our wonderful children as well as expect them to be kind citizens. 

At Summit Denali, we welcome ALL students.


Happy PRIDE Month to every LGBTQIA2+ student, staff member,

and the friends and families that support them!

If helpful, here are two resources for families to have conversations with their kids at home:

1) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0W5-rGnmYNCTgkZamSaKtZpCM0Oq48qU

2) https://online.fliphtml5.com/hlqpt/eofr/#p=7




Summit Denali Middle School's Q & A club has worked very hard to put together a fantastic array of activities for all our students to enjoy ranging from...

Chill Activities: such as Board games, Movie to...

Creative Arts: Tie Dye, Flower Crown making, Henna or...

 Active Play:  Obstacle Course, Four Square. (with the exception of the movie, it will sceen-free unstructured play time)


Day of Logistics and Schedule:



Led by



8:20- 8:45 am

Attendance & mentor time


Mentor Rooms

Slides (will be linked when completed)

8:45 am - 9:30 am

Cake/Cupcake decorating and eating

Mentors and parent volunteers

Mentor Rooms

Families should donate supplies for each mentor group (Bottom of the Page!)

9:30 - 9:45 am

Expectations of Pride Day 


Mentor Room

Link to Expectations

9:45 am - 11:15 am

Pride Day Activities

Teachers and volunteers

MAP of School (see below)

Link to map and supervision duties

11:15 - 11:30 am

Color Run Activity

Steele and Kim

MAP of School

Optional. Students particpating should wear clothing they don't mind getting color chalk on. *Masks recommended & provided 

11:30 - 11:45

Clean up


Clean up Map


11:45 - 12:09

Mentor Group Reflection


Mentor Rooms

Slides for Reflection

Pride day Activities: 

Sign-up to Chaperon/Help HERE!



Staff Adults

North Parking Lot guard

Make sure no students leave, no cars enter


Bathroom Duty

Eyes on behavior


Bouncy house (x2)

Keep behavior in bouncy house safe

Limit participants 2 (?)

Prabala, Choi

Face Painting and Henna  x2

Paint faces and Henna

Mimi- Facepaint


Board Games***



Flower Crown Making x2

Training Required

Jean / Julia / Tommy

Sticker/Tattoo/ Pin Booth



Nail Painting***


Sterling, Alvarez

Movie Quiet Space



4 Square



Tie Dye x 4, 

Training required

Carcamo, Chloe

Jenga / South parking Lot



***Need supplies 

Parent Responsibilities:

  • Serve Cake
  • Run Tie Dye
  • Run Flower Crown making

CAKE Decorating supplies/donations! 

(*if you have already recieved communication from your Mentor/Mentor Liaison, please follow thier instructions, this was just in case)

Abbasi/Wan 6th - CAKE supplies sign-ups HERE!
Alvarez 6th - CAKE supplies sign-ups HERE
 Bastida's CAKE supplies sign-ups HERE!
Carcamo - CAKE supplies sign-ups HERE!
Choi - CAKE supplies sign-ups HERE!
 Fisher - CAKE supplies sign-ups HERE!
Lee - CAKE supplies sign-ups HERE!
Matlock - CAKE supplies sign-ups HERE!
Nicholson -  CAKE supplies sign-ups HERE!
Pham - CAKE supplies sign-ups HERE!
Prabala -  CAKE supplies sign-ups HERE!
Sterling - CAKE supplies sign-ups HERE!
Steele - CAKE supplies sign-ups HERE!