#SaveDenali FundRaising Interest
Mon, Jan 16 3:05pm

Dear Parents,

Summit Public Schools is a leading charter public school network building a world where every student is equipped to lead a fulfilled life — one with purpose, financial independence, community, strong relationships, and health.

As you know, the Summit Administration decided to close Summit Denali due to lack of funding. We understand the value Denali brings to our children, and that it will be impossible to find it in any available public school. Private education is extremely expensive, with tuition at $25-60K annually, so we do not have a lot of options for our kids.

Some charter schools have recommended donation that allows them to function (for example Bullis Charter school is asking families for $5,000/yr per child). While recognizing that financial situations of our families vary, we wanted to see if there is enough appetite to support Denali financially and prevent closing.

Please fill out this survey so we understand if that’s even an option.



Denali Parent Org