40 wparents joined Homeschooling discussion today❤️
Wed, Feb 8 9:01pm

Thanks to our Denali Parent Org Homeschooling volunteer leader Harfijah Oliver for putting this awesome, comprehensive presentation.

--Harfijah Oliver walked through the novice steps for a new parent experimenting homeschooling

--Ann Wolfe from ATeam Homeschool shared insights about A team's model

--Jean Shlomo added about Discovery and Kristine Gray, many others about Ocean Grove

--Shan mentioned about continue highlighting our ask for summit learning system for the parents who may take the homeschooling route.

Deck: https://bit.ly/SaveDenaliHomeSchoolOrientation

Recording: https://bit.ly/SaveDenaliHomeSchoolingOrientation

if you are interested, please add your info here https://bit.ly/SaveDenaliHomeSchoolinterestParents

Minutes, Pointers: https://bit.ly/SaveDenaliHomeSchooling

Few parents who volunteered to be of assistance for queries about homeschooling

Kristine Gray, Jean S, Xinning 欣宁, Michael Fagan,

Poonam, Harfijah Oliver, Maria Hernandez, Karim S, Shannon Tubbs, Judy Pedraza,

Rachel, Tony, Chung, Mari Anderson, kelli schreckengost, PS, Lida Williams,

Judy Pedraza, Birgitte, Ty, Marisol , Dalila, Jenny C Chen, Ana lopez, Ana lopez,

Nihitha Palacherla, Nidia Coronado, maria hernandez, Felicia, Judy Pedraza, buzzgraves, iPhoneNerina, iPhone, iPhone 12 pro, 14085688131