Discovery Charter Schools for Grades k-8 open enrollment period & open Houses HAPPENING NOW first one JAN 24
Tue, Jan 24
Discovery Charter Schools Various locations

Hello Grizzlies,

I wanted you to be aware that there is another top ranked charter school for our middle schoolers to possiby attend - Discovery Charter Schools. One school is located in West San Jose & one is  located in souh San Jose. I have an affintiy for these schools as I founded them 17 years ago. 


Happy to answer any questions about these two schools.




Discovery's open enrollment period is open now until Feb. 28th.

More information can be found n their website at -

Flyers attached!

Attached you will find there flyers for both school sites open houses and tours.  The school are also small like Denali, initmate, kind, and a place were sudents are known. A great safe place to land for next year.  Bring your student to the open house tours.

Discovery Phoenix - West San Jose                                          Discovery Falcon South San Jose

 Info Mtg (in person and zoom options)                                 Info Mtg (in person and zoom options)   

Thursday, JAN 24 @ 6:30pm                                                         Monday, FEB 6 @ 9am IN PERSON

Thursday,  FEB 2 @ 9:00am

Wednesday, MARCH 1 @ 6:30pm

Phoenix                                                                                                         Falcon

Open  House Tours in Person                                                          Open  House Tours in Person

JAN 27 @ 9-10am                                                                                  JAN 25 @ 8:30-9:30am

FEB 2 @9-10am                                                                                      JAN 31 @ 8:30-9:30am

FEB 15 @ 9-10am                                                                                  FEB 6 @ 10:15-11:15am               

                                                                                                                           FEB 14 @ 8:30-9:30am