Expedition Supplies pick up day
Fri, Oct 16 10:00am-5:00pm
Summit Denali Middle School

For almost all Expeditions classes, your student will be provided awesome (and necessary) supplies. Please plan on picking up these supplies from Denali Middle School this Friday, 10/16 anytime between 8-5pm. If that window of time does not work for you, please text Chloe at (650) 619-5552. 

See below for a table of the supplies your student will be receiving -- get excited!: 



Fitness, Rhythm & Movement

Art & Tolerance

Art & Expressions

HS Visual Art

Sun Activated Print Paper

Sidewalk Chalk

Jump Ropes

Sketch pad

Art set (shading tools, pencil set, intro charcoal and graphite, sketch pad, etc)

Watercolor paper

And more! 

Jump Ropes

Resistance Bands

Poster boards




Resistance Bands

And more! 

Paint Pack


Chisel markers


And more! 


Markers, paper masks, glue, paint brushes, and more! 

And more! 

Ballpoint pens, pencils, fine point marker, and more!