Highlights form PAWS meeting 10/11/21 - WHAT is a TRUNK OR TREAT?
Sat, Oct 16 4:37pm

Highlights form PAWS meeting 10/11/21


Topics included:

Upcoming Events

Parent Voluteering

Social Emotional Learning for Middle School 

General Parent check in & feedback 

Next ZOOM meeting 11/8 6pm (Zoom link fixed)


OCTOBER  Upcoming events:

Spiritweek (Monday 10/25 to Friday 10/29) 

Halloween (Wed 10/27 + Mentor/class parties: Friday 11/19 “Cultural crafts & games festivities” & Friday 12/17 “International Foods Festival” * More details to come


*we didn’t cover it but this event is also

Wed, 10/27  6:00pm - 8:00pm Pathway to College Night Part 1: An Overview of College Readiness at Summit (suggested for grades 6-11) *Look for more info in the coming Grizzly Bytes


October upcoming events:


Spiritweek Monday, 10/25 – Friday, 10/29

Get your Spiritwear ASAP - FYI *ships FEDEX  from Ohio


Student Council is still determining themes for each day (Friday is usually SpiritWear), and big news for Wed 10/27 10-10:30am will be a Halloween Trunk or Treat 

“It's called Trunk-or-Treating, and the premise is simple: A bunch of parents band together (typically in a school or church parking lot), deck out their trunks with Halloween decorations”

School Example of Trunk or Treat video link.

If you are a Mentor Liaison, this would be a great time to contact your mentor class families. Goal: as many as possible mentor classes have a Trunk to decorate & give treats from! (We have 13 mentor classes - so this a parent trick we will play on the kids while they are in school) 


What we need:

Volunteer trunk & a helper reps (or 2) from each mentor group to give out treats 10-10:30am *unstructured recess after grade level activities  


Decorations for the Trunk (Recommend google: trunk or treat 2021 ideas but let’s just make it fun for our Summit Denali community & kids). 


We will need additional helping hands to decorate the parking lot & Trunks, if you have time after drop off. 


We can begin decorating at 8:30am after AM dropoff 10/27 Wednesday, (the students come out at 10am.)

*PAWS will have decorations for the sides of the building to put up around the windows for Photo opts. 


If you can’t be there, please consider donating treats ;-)

(Mimi will be at the front office M-F 8am-4pm)


(408) 409-3436 iPhone


Treats (Individual wrapped/packaged items) - does not have to be edible but should be school safe & appropriate. 


FYI: There is usually a friendly costume competition & grade level “house” games/activities 



Parent Volunteering 

(PE aid, Lunch duty, Club Support/Funding, Grizzly Team Sports)


Lunch Duty - Extra Eyes & helpful assistance for students as well as faculty


Additional PE supervision & Parent Helper

I spoke with Carlos Bastida our P.E. Coach & he would be open to having a Parent PE aid a couple times during the week. *Most active class are before & after lunch.

Block 4:

11:09 PM – 12:04 PM


12:04 PM – 12:36 PM

Block 5:

12:39 PM – 1:34 PM


Club Support - Our Clubs sign ups were tremendously popular this fall!  

I’m sure ALL clubs could use some assistance in one way or another. 


For example: Clubs like D&D (Friday 3.20-4pm) have a whooping 60 particpants.

*Please check-in with your student’s club advisors about sponsoring or donating club materials or gift cards because our teachers will often just pay for materials like D&D books, copies, & miscellaneous supplies selflessly. (Mr Sterling by no means was  not complaining, in fact he was so happy to have for these materials to make copies from but I’m sure if more parents knew; we could help out :-))

 Here is the Club List:




Cornerstone Project for Middle School- PAWS is exploring options with helping our students with Social Emotional Learning now that we are back in school. 

We have a few parents who are familiar with the YMCA Cornerstone Project from their previous Elementary school. We would need to assemble a committee to help organize this project and begin parent training before we can incorporate it into Wednesday Circle/Community Time during Mentor class.


Cornerstone is a Santa Clara County program which has 20 years running.



This would be a parent run, 3 year Middle School Curriculum




*If you have another recommendation or can help us with some research 

Mimi HappFamry@gmail.com