Just FYI: Summit Career Fair
Wed, Mar 16 8:25am-9:30am
Zoom link TBA

*This event is during Mentor time and is geared towards High School Students*

Mentors classes have the option to participate during Community time

A calendar place holder - info copied from Summit Public School newsletter emailed- Mar 10, 2022:  "The Expeditionary Learning Journey 👟 | El viaje de aprendizaje expedicionario"

"Summit is committed to providing students with opportunities to explore their interests in their classes and beyond. We’re thrilled to share that the College Readiness team is hosting their 2022 Career Fair next Wednesday, March 16.

Panels will focus on diverse industries including Education, Business, Health, and Engineering. Students from all grade levels will have the opportunity to hear from volunteers in their own communities and imagine themselves in their future careers.


Next week, we invite you to ask your student about their experience attending the Career Fair!"