Launch Weather Balloon - Parent seeks student interest
Thu, Oct 1 9:04am
Saarang Sumesh (7th Grade Summit Denali), is thinking about below activities for this year Independent studies. 
#1 Launch a High Altitude Weather Balloon. A sample video is below.
Good to generate interest among students towards science and space technologies.
Myself a beginner in this, and need to learn lot of new things, also might need two launches to perfect it. With a short take of time of 20 days this may not be possible for October, but surely for the next slot. 
#2 Visit different lakes and water bodies across california and collect water samples and analyze and classify water quality and microbiological life forms with microscope. Also classify type of fish and other organisms. 
#3 Develop a useful App
If anybody is interested in any of the above please contact me "Sumesh Subhash" on email If there is any other interesting plans you have to organize as a group let me know, we are interested to join.
Thanks and Regards