New Student Orientation
Tue, Aug 17 8:20am-3:20pm
Summit Denali Middle School

2021-22 School Year:

New Student Orientation – August 17, Tuesday  8:20am-3:20pm


School 100% In-Person

After a year+ of Virtual School due to COVID-19, we’re thrilled to invite all students and faculty on campus in August of 2021. Instruction will be in-person, on campus, five days a week! 


Safety continues to be a number one priority, so we encourage all eligible students (ages 12+) and adults to get their free COVID vaccine from any number of healthcare providers listed here. This will not only ensure your safety, but also protect those within our community that are unable to get the vaccine for themselves. Please and thank you!


*More Info/details to come as we get closer to the start of the New School Year (First week of August)


Remember - if you are unsure of when and where your student should be logging in, their Google Calendar will be the first point of contact. All of the Orientation events and classes should be in there.