PAWS 2021-22 Middle School Parent Group Meeting ZOOM
1 day before, 3 days before

[MEETING] Parents Active With Summit (PAWS) Meeting


Monday,  November, 8th, 2021   6-7pm  via ZOOM


Meeting ID: 880 4534 8423 Passcode: PAWS



  • Next Event is  “Games & Craft around the World in 40mins” .
  • Let's celebrate our diverse community & share our heritage with our students! 
    • 11/17 Wednesday during Mentor Community time 
      • Helpers Set-up 8:30am & Tidy-up 9:45- 10:15am 
        • Students come  9-9:45am 
    • Parent participation & donations will support this unstructured recess  outside with tables for craft  & spaces for games to play. 
  • Konstella Parent communication portal tips 
  • Updates on Paws Committees
  • Parent feedback/ Q&A or just a Parent to parent check-in

*PAWS meetings will be 2nd Monday of the month 6-7pm.

Mon, Dec 13 6:00pm

Mon, Jan 10 6:00pm

Mon, Feb 14 6:00pm

Mon, Mar 14 6:00pm

Mon, Apr 11 6:00pm

Mon, May 9 6:00pm

Mon, Jun 6 6:00pm