Parent-led meeting for families interested in home schooling options for 2023-2024
Sun, Jan 22 10:07am

I am posting this on behalf of 7th grade parent Harfijah Oliver

Hi there families,
I attended an information session on Zoom today by homeschooling Ocean Grove (OG) Charter and can share that knowledge at a meeting this Wednesday January 25 from 6:30-7pm. Anyone interested in understanding our homeschooling options and collaborating, please use my zoom link: 
Meeting ID: 727 3096 7906
Passcode: anb8a2
I would be "new" to homeschooling if we decide to take this route and I know other parents have much more experience with this. Since the community at Summit is so unique, if we are forced to close, I would love to harness this community energy to stay in touch and support one another as best we can. NO need to RSVP, just come to the Zoom meeting and we can also make plans to meet in person in the future. Thanks!