Save Denali
Sat, Jan 14 1:07pm

Good evening Parents

have spent time analyzing to see how better we can write a petition to Santa Clara County Office of Education. Now ended up with a laundry list after many hours on this topic

have put my rants in a google doc

pls offer your valuable comment or even other topics we can address before even we start fund raising, petition..

we should address this to summit as well to SCCOE and try secure answers.

our intention is constructive to see if we can avoid some similar situation even if there were misses in the past. also I'm not a financial, school education expert. Can be wrong.

few of the points were sent to me after yesterday and day before yesterday's call by parents...

as a co-chair will protect the identity and keep this as a representation from Denali Parent Org..

unless any of you want to disclose the identity..

Join the 5pm to have unfiltered talk with rest parents on your convenient day.



Shan Sankaran

Parent of 2 Summit Students