Sign-up for International Day (2023)
Tue, Jan 17 8:00am - Fri, Feb 17 1:30pm
Summit Denali
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Hello Denali Families!

The Denali Parent Organization is planning to hold International Day - tentatively scheduled for on Friday, Feb 17, 2023.   11:20am - 1pm  (Student lunch period 11:20- 11:55am)
Setting up Booths/Tables & Activities outside in the parking lot similar to Oct's Trunk or Treat *weather permitting 
  •  8:45am -11:15am   We can set-up outside in the parking lot after Morning Drop-off. 
*Depending on your needs to prepare what you would like to bring (Let us know if you would like to partner- Team Work makes the Dream Work)
  • 11:20am-11:30am.   Lunch service, Students find a place to enjoy their lunch 
    • 11:20am- 12:30pm  International Faire - FreePlay 
    • 12:30pm - 12:50pm Student Survey & reflection - Students go to mentor groups
  • 12:45pm-1:30pm      Clean-up Event & Helper Feedback
Can't do this without your help!
We will be asking students and families to share activities and/or food from all cultures and countries with the Denali community.  The activities can be games, trivia, music, arts and crafts, and food can be the national dish or a family favorite. 
Also, International Day need not be from a foreign country.  If you're from a region of the country you'd like to showcase, this is your opportunity!   
More details are to come, but please let me know if you might be interested in participating some way with the sign ups below.   
Thank you!
Emily Fang
Summit Denali Parent Organization


Extra Helping Hands Signed Up: 1 / 6

Want to help? let us know what time you have available & we will be happy to place you where you are most need ;-)
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Help Set Up Signed Up: 4 / 10

Fri, Feb 17 8:45am-11:15am
Help to set up the booths/tables/areas & post maps + decorations
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Help Clean Up Signed Up: 3 / 10

Fri, Feb 17 12:45pm-1:30pm
Help clean up after the event
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Oversee booth/table Signed Up: 3 / 8

Fri, Feb 17 11:00am-1:00pm
Please include a description of the activity and country represented (e.g. origami, Japan. loteria, Mexico)
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Bring food or drinks Signed Up: 3 / 8

Fri, Feb 17 8:15am-11:00am
Please something to share with the Denali community (e.g. boba milk tea, Taiwan or waffles, Belgium) - Depending on what you would like to bring, you can drop off anytime that morning before the event.
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Help with making, flyers, presentation (Educational research with visual media/aids), decorations Signed Up: 0 / 6

Tue, Jan 17 8:00am-2:40pm
Adding visual media can enhance the experience. Music or educational playlist on YouTube. Visual materials should be easy to follow, adding to fun of the activity. Visual aids can be informative or as background.
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