Summit Denali Celebrates SPIRITWEEK (the last week of October)
Mon, Oct 25 - Fri, Oct 29
Summit Denali Middle School Campus

Breaking News just in from Summit Denali Middle School - Student Council!

Please see slides in attachment for more details.


>>Student representatives will report the plan for SPIRITWEEK to each Mentor class.<<


Mon 10/25 -  "Lazy Day" - Roll out of bed & come to school

Tues 10/26 -  "Twin Day" - Pick a friend & match with them

Wed 10/27-  "Trunk or Treat!" - Wear your costume* & join some house competitions

Thur 10/28 - "Anything but a backpack day" - Use anything but a backpack for school 

Fri.     10/29 - "Orange/Black or Costume day" - You can wear your costume again, Wear only black, orange or both!


*Costumes must in good taste, no weapons & can not cover your whole face. Yes, you still have to wear a face mask that covers you nose & mouth for Covid safety :-)


Additional Heads up to Parents this week, we get a few supply request from our students:


Door Decoration Competition

- Each mentor group decorates their door facing
outwards (you can also do inwards if you’d like!)
- For mentor groups that don’t have doors, decorate the
outside of one whiteboard

- Door decorations will be judged on...
- Spookiness
- Mentor group spirit (how well is YOUR mentor group
reflected in the door decoration?!)

- Winning mentor group gets points towards the
house competition!
- Example →
- Coordinate with your mentor group to see what
materials to bring in!