Summit Denali Middle - BASKETBALL NEWS - JV Coach needed ASAP
Sat, Oct 16 8:03am

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Hello Grizzly Ballers,

My name is Chloe Sargeant and I'm the coach of Denali's Boys' Basketball team. I'm reaching out because your student / family indicated interest & plans to join the basketball team this season. As such, I wanted to share an update:

We had over 30 students sign-up to play -- which is awesome! However, that number of players necessitates a second team. We originally planned for just one team (with me as the coach). Yet, with our current numbers, we do need a second team. I've reached out to our League's Athletic Director, and he has fortunately allowed us to create two teams -- a JV team and a Varsity. Now, all we need is a second coach. 

I plan to coach Varsity (6th-8th grade more competitive players), but we need a JV coach ASAP (6th and 7th graders). If we cannot secure a JV coach, then we will likely need to make cuts -- which I definitely don't want to do if we can avoid it....and we can avoid it, with a second coach! 

If you are at all interested in coaching, please reach out to me ASAP. The commitment would likely be 1-2 practices a week and 1-2 games (max). The first game is the end of October (10/26), and practices will begin this Thursday (10/14). Regardless of the status of the second coach, please have your student plan to come to practice this Thursday, 10/14 from 3:45-5:00pm at the courtyard in the back of the school. 

Chloe Robinette Sargeant