Support your campus library!
Tue, Jun 7 2:52pm
​Hi Parents,
​I have been volunteering this school year on campus helping to enhance the state of the school library. So far, I have pulled hundreds of old, torn, or inappropriate books and replaced them with hundreds more current YA novels, graphic novels, reference books, and non-fiction books that support the curriculum. The current library is cataloged and available for browsing or searching online at:
​The next step will be label and barcode the library so that students can use an online check out system for circulation. Look for a call for volunteers this summer or in the fall as we take this next step.
​Until then, we could use some parent support in terms of donations to get furniture and supplies. The library is shelved on black Ikea Billy bookshelves, most of which were acquired used and are breaking. We could really used some new Billy bookshelves to replace or supplement the current ones. Also, we don't have the supplies needed to label, maintain, and repair books as needed. Lastly, we can always use more quality books appropriate for the middle school audience. Next time you are at the bookstore, consider picking up some books for Denali. If your student has aged out of books in their home libraries, please consider donating them to the school.


Ikea Billy Bookcase Bookcase, black-brown, 31 1/2 x 11 x 79 1/2" - at least 5 -
​Supplies - - I can't get their wishlist to work, but attached is a screenshot of the supplies needed.
​We have achieved a lot with the library this year with no budget, but with your help, we can continue to build an incredibly rich and useful school library.
​Jill Rakestraw