Teacher Appreciation Week 5/2-5/6
Mon, May 2 - Fri, May 6
Summit Denali Middle School

Teacher Appreciation NEXT WEEK! 


Our teachers and faculty have done an amazing job for our students this year.  Returning to campus from vitual learning has been filled with so many readjustments to navigate but we are all so thankful to be back to learning in person.  


Teacher Appreciation Week (May 2-6) is approaching and among other things, we'd like to be able to provide:

Monday - Supplies & item(s) drop off for the week. SIGN UP HERE!


Tuesday, 5/3 Simple Self-serve Breakfast:  SIGN UP HERE!

  • Croissant, Scones, Granola bars, Fresh Fruit tray
  • Coffee travelers, Bottled teas & Juices. 


Wednesday, 5/4- SIGN UP HERE!

  • Pizza
  • Side Salad
  • Cookies & dessert
  • Sparkling water

Thursday , 5/5 - Nothing Scheduled but I'm open to suggestions 

Friday 5/6 - 

  • Bubble Tea/Coffee 

To streamline the process, we'd like to collect donations from middle school families all at once (here) and divide the amount donated among all of the teachers and staff so that everyone feels appreciated.  Our goal is to be able to give each teacher/staff member at least a $100 gift card and provide one catered meal during NEXT week.  (The meal is set for Wednesday 5/4 -  separate information for volunteers will be sent out later this month)


Please donate if you are able, but do not feel pressured to make a financial donation.  We understand that the current situation has created hardship for many families. 


***The "Seeking Donations for Teacher Appreciation!" is a separate konstella announcement/email. It is listed on the Konstella calendar ending 5/22. ***

Whatever is raised will be divided evenly amonst 25 Faculty members into GiftCards based on Faculty member's choice.

Here is the link: *please text me if this link does not work (408) 409-3436 https://www.konstella.com/app/school/56ad80c4e4b0b3eb7cb3fce4/donations/626b6a4ce63aed45a1ebeaaf

FYI: Denali High School raised $2000 over thier $6000 goal!


Also, a link is provided below with a list of teachers/staff and their favorite things if you choose to provide individual gifts to the teachers.


Here is the spreadsheet of teacher's favorites: