Thank you Grizzlies Families 🤩🐻
Wed, Jun 8 6:51pm

Update from Teacher Appreciation fundraiser- All of our teachers & faculty have gotten their funds $200 each (*98% chose Venmo rather than a gift card- which I will save the receipts in the PAWS gDrive for transparency.)

There was enough money to indulge in one last catered lunch (Whole foods) for the end of year meeting this Wednesday 6/8. (Total of 3 catered meals, fridge & snack restock + Boba for Teacher Appreciations)

Many of our DMS team are so grateful & were absolutely delighted with our out pour of generosity. * I’m forwarding all your wonderful words & notes from the fundraiser.

On their behalf, “THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!”

Peace & Blessings be with you all,


PAWS- Lead 2021-2022