We need our Denali voices to be heard! - Send a Letter to the Summit Board of Directors
Sun, Feb 26 6:50pm
To All Parents, Students and Family Members of Summit Denali:
We need our Denali voices to be heard!
The following is a letter is being sent to the Summit board of directors asking them to change the date and time of the discussion about closing Denali.  The letter tells the board why this request is so important to our Denali family. Will you please take a moment to add your voice to the request? Our students can also write to the board members. 
You can copy the letter as it is or write something in your own words.  The email addresses are listed below and can be copied and pasted. Thank you so much for helping!  


Dear Summit Public Schools board members:


The students and parents at Summit Denali are asking you to please postpone your March 2nd discussion regarding Summit Denali. Since the closing of Denali is such a major issue for our school community we hope you will make this postponement for us. 


The SPS website states that the board meeting schedules are preliminary and subject to change and we believe that discussion regarding a school closure is a valid reason to change a meeting schedule. 

We are also asking you to hold the board meeting in the evening and in Sunnyvale. This meeting directly involves our school family, but students, teachers and working parents are unable to attend midday meetings and attending a meeting so far from our homes would be a hardship.  School districts typically hold their board meetings in the evening to give everyone the chance to attend. 


Thank you very much for your consideration.