Zillion Thanks for Trunk or Treat 💀👻🎃( share us your Trunk 📷 for an award)
Wed, Nov 2 6:42pm

Hey Parents,


Thanks for the kind support for the Trunk Or Treat yesterday with overwhelming support by lending both your trunks, treats.

We’re creating an album here in Konstella.



If you’ve taken photos of your Trunks during the event, please follow the below instruction for uploading the same.

  1. Files of 20MB, links→ Konstella                            https://bit.ly/DenaliTrunkOrTreatSmallFilesLinks 
  2. Files larger than 20MB-Google Drive   https://bit.ly/DenaliTrunkOrTreat2022Experience 

For those who could not join us, please walk with us to experience 👇🏻  https://bit.ly/DenaliTrunkOrTreat2022Quick 


Side plug: We’re recruiting volunteers for Summit DPO, 2hr/week. Are you game ? 📖further

Geeky way: Scan code here https://bit.ly/SummitDPORecruitment

Boring way: send a note SummmitDenaliParentOrg@Gmail.com with 2 liners about what role you want to play.  




Co-Chair, Summit Denali Parent Org

+1 925 395 3684