UP Academy is excited to launch a middle school this year!

Tue, Mar 21 3:22pm

UP Academy is excited to launch our middle school this year!  It builds on our core beliefs of creativity, REBEL projects, creative expression, and inclusion and supports students agency as learners t ... [More]

Yavneh Day School - has openings for 7 & 8th graders next year!

Fri, Mar 17 8:49am

Yavneh Day School is a private K–8 Jewish day school in Los Gatos, California.  There is an attached flyer below. More information can be found at - https://www.yavnehdayschool.org/ Feel free to conta ... [More]

ANother educational choice - Fusion Academy

Wed, Mar 15 12:27pm

  Hello everyone - Here is another alternative education option for you - Fusion Academy. It is a private school with 1:1 student teacher learning.  This is a private school. Fees are based on the amo ... [More]

More information on the food server position available at the high school

Tue, Mar 14 3:14pm

https://boards.greenhouse.io/summitpublicschoolssps/jobs/4915083 Food Server As a Food Server, you will set up and serve breakfast and lunch, ensuring that students have the fuel they need to learn ev ... [More]

Denali High School seek paid food server. Any interested Parents?

Tue, Mar 14 1:08pm

Hello, Denali High School is seeking somene to serve breakfast with breakfast & lunch service. This position is paid. Days: Monday  - Friday  Breakfast from 8-8:45am  & Lunch from 12:25 - 1:10 If anyo ... [More]

St. Lawrence of Cupertino seeking middle schoolers

Thu, Mar 9 8:36am

Hello Grizzlies, St. Joseph of Cupertino is seeking middle school students and approached us.  They are a TK - 8th grade catholic school. Below is information they sent concerning their school. If you ... [More]

LAST CHANCE - to join the coed Flag Football Team by Friday 3/10!

Wed, Mar 8 10:38am

If you child considered joining Flag Football there is still time.  Registration is being offered until the end of day this Friday Friday.   1) This is the URL https://www.hardcountflagfootball.com/sp ... [More]

Tomorrow, Wednesday 9 a.m. News Conference, Sidewalk of HS Campus

Tue, Mar 7 5:52pm

  What: News Conference: Parents & Local Officials Unite to Voice Disapproval of Sunnyvale School Closure. In attendance, Santa Clara County Board of Ed Trustee Tara Sreekrishnan, Richard Melhinger fr ... [More]

Seeking Girls Soccer Team Pictures for yearbook!

Tue, Mar 7 11:52am

Hello all, Please send Barb Vella (bvella@summitps.org) pictures of our awesome girls soccer team in action to include in the yearbook.   AND if a parent would be so kind as to coordinate with coach B ... [More]

Seeking Boys Volleyball Pictures for yearbook!

Tue, Mar 7 11:43am

Hello all, Please send Barb Vella (bvella@summitps.org) pictures of our fabulous vlleyball team in action to include in the yearbook.   AND if a parent would be so kind as to coordinate with coach Car ... [More]

Summit Public Schools Board of Directors took action to close Summit Denali / la Junta Directiva de las Escuelas Públicas de Summit tomó medidas para cerrar Summit Denali

Fri, Mar 3 11:30am

Summit Public Schools Board of Directors took action to close Summit Denali  /  la Junta Directiva de las Escuelas Públicas de Summit tomó medidas para cerrar Summit Denali   Dear Summit Denali Commun ... [More]

5pm call, Way Forward, Denali Closure

Thu, Mar 2 4:59pm

*5pm call 5 minutes reminder* https://bit.ly/SaveDenali

Tessellations School - Middle school option and potential High School Option in 2024

Tue, Feb 28 10:32am

Dear Summit Denali Families, We were saddened to recently learn of your school’s closing and we realize that it has left many of you looking for schools for next school year. For those of you who are ... [More]

We need our Denali voices to be heard! - Send a Letter to the Summit Board of Directors

Sun, Feb 26 6:50pm

To All Parents, Students and Family Members of Summit Denali:   We need our Denali voices to be heard!   The following is a letter is being sent to the Summit board of directors asking them to change ... [More]


Sun, Feb 26 12:12pm

Click this link for a easy mail draft. https://tinyurl.com/SaveDenaliDPO

V r on Zoom for Diane Meeting discussion

Fri, Feb 17 5:12pm

https://bit.ly/SaveDenali V r on 5pm https://bit.ly/SaveDenaliDianeMeeting

Urgent! Show Up as Denali to Wed. Night's Santa Clara County Board of Education Mtg!

Tue, Feb 14 8:00pm

REMINDER: Wednesday, Feb 15, 5:00pm - 7:30pm Location: Santa Clara County Office of Education, 1290 Ridder Park Dr., San Jose Numbers make an impact! Please show your support for Denali at the upcomin ... [More]

v r on zoom 5pm- CTA for tomorrow SCCOE meeting 5pm

Tue, Feb 14 5:08pm



Tue, Feb 14 11:51am

Hello Basketball fans,   Please send any basketball action shots of the boys basketball team. I have the girls BBall team well represented, but need some action photos for the boys yearbook page. Plea ... [More]

SEEKING Photos from MATH COUNTS for yearbook

Tue, Feb 14 8:33am

Hello  - I am seeking photos from the Math Counts competition to place in the yearbook. Please  feel free to send to Barb Vella bvella@summitps.org.   Thank you!

Movie Night/International Snack Fair, Friday 2/17 - Help Needed!

Fri, Feb 10 4:51pm

Hello Denali Families!   On Friday, 2/17 we will be hosting the first ever Denali Movie Night from 4-6pm.  We’ll be showing the movie, “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.”    We have rented a popcorn ... [More]

40 wparents joined Homeschooling discussion today❤️

Wed, Feb 8 9:01pm

Thanks to our Denali Parent Org Homeschooling volunteer leader Harfijah Oliver for putting this awesome, comprehensive presentation. --Harfijah Oliver walked through the novice steps for a new parent ... [More]

Save Denali! How you can help: Show your support on Tues Feb 14 and Wed Feb 15

Wed, Feb 8 7:07pm

The Denali Parent Organization continues to work with the Summit Unite teachers union, the Santa Clara County Board of Education and Summit Schools administration to try to find a solution to keep Den ... [More]

REMINDER - Homeschooling Zoom Meeting tonight!

Wed, Feb 8 3:27pm

DPO (Denali Parent Org) will host another Zoom call as the Homeschooling Inquiry Group (TODAY) Feb. 8th @ 6:30 pm. Hope to see you there! Here is the zoom link: https://bit.ly/SaveDenali Here are the ... [More]

International Day > Revamping to Movie Night (2/17)

Tue, Feb 7 10:12am

Hello Denali Families!   Thank you to all who have volunteered to participate in International Day!  With everything going on, we have decided to table International Day and will instead host movie ni ... [More]

Zoom mtg for anyone interested in homeschooling (grades 6-12) in 2023-24 school year

Tue, Feb 7 8:57am

We will host another Zoom call as the Homeschooling Inquiry Group on Feb. 8th @ 6:30 pm. Hope to see you there! Here is the zoom link: https://bit.ly/SaveDenali Here are the minutes from the last meet ... [More]

Your "go to" site for some of the questions you may have of us concerning our current situation

Fri, Feb 3 2:05pm

Hello, We have created a site to help with some questions concerning who to contact concerning transfers, transcripts, other items, and additional information coening our status. We hope this helps.   ... [More]

Groundhog Day Surprise

Wed, Feb 1 4:09pm

Denali Middle School team is putting together a fun surprise for all grade levels to Celebrate Groundhog Day! Shhhh 😉. Does anyone have Sidewalk Chalk to donate for an outdoor activity? Any & all don ... [More]

Hey Girls Basketball parents - I need pictures for the yearbook! Could you take some pictures at todays game!

Wed, Feb 1 9:35am

  Hello Girl Grizzly Basketball parents, I need your help with photos of the girls basketball team. Could some of you take photos of the game today ?  I also would love to have a team photo (a serious ... [More]

Santa Clara County Office of Education - Feb 1 Board Meeting- Discussion on Summit Denali Closure

Tue, Jan 31 8:10pm

We are meeting school representatives NOW

Mon, Jan 30 5:27pm

Zoom: https://bit.ly/SaveDenali 5pm Denali Parent Org

Coed Flag-Football seeking additional team mates! / ¡Coed Flag-Football busca compañeros de equipo adicionales!

Mon, Jan 30 3:21pm

Calling all girls and boys - we are searching for more students to join the flag football team immediately. The league will be starting shortly and we need more players.  Please join us for some fun a ... [More]

v r on DPO zoom https://bit.ly/SaveDenali

Wed, Jan 25 5:07pm

Parent-led meeting for families interested in home schooling options for 2023-2024

Sun, Jan 22 10:07am

I am posting this on behalf of 7th grade parent Harfijah Oliver   Hi there families,   I attended an information session on Zoom today by homeschooling Ocean Grove (OG) Charter and can share that know ... [More]

Sign the petition to Summit Board to Save Denali

Sat, Jan 21 11:58am

Last week, school management announced that Summit Denali will be closing its operations after the current academic year ends in June 2023. Over 677 families are stranded with their immediate academic ... [More]

Summit Board Petition- Draft

Fri, Jan 20 3:15pm

Please share your feedback here https://bit.ly/SaveDenaliBoardPetition by 6pm Today   Dear Robert J. Oster, Diego Arambula, Lizzie Choi, Steven Humphreys, Anisha Munshi, Andy Thompson, Blake Warner & ... [More]

Khan Lab School ACCEPTNG LATE APPLICATIONS for Grades 7-12

Fri, Jan 20 1:09pm

One of parents works at Khan Lab School.  They have been getting calls and accepting late applications from Summit Denali families. Their Upper School (grades 7-12) is located in downtown Mountain Vie ... [More]

DPO met with Summit Team

Thu, Jan 19 3:35pm

We group of 30 parents from both Middle & high school met with summit leaders yesterday to ask some of queries. https://bit.ly/SaveDenaliDPOSummitMeetingJan18Minutes We more than 15 parents attended S ... [More]

Santa Clara County Office of Education- Board meeting TODAY

Wed, Jan 18 4:47pm

Hi If we can represent Summit Denali in the santa clara board meet by 5.05pm today through zoom 👇🏿 https://sccoe.to/SCCBOEMeetings23 Speak up about the county funding issue referred by Summit Denali ... [More]

Education Options for our Middle & High School Families/ Opciones de educación para nuestras familias de secundaria y preparatoria

Wed, Jan 18 2:52pm

Hello Grizzlies,   Attached here you will find an excel document that lists some quality charter, private, and public schools complied for our families, keeping the needs of our students in mind. This ... [More]

Corrected Summit Board of Directors email address: CABoardofDirectors@summitps.org

Wed, Jan 18 8:53am

Yes, it's me again. Sorry- the email from Summit Unite also had a broken link for emailing the board members. You can email them directly here:   CABoardofDirectors@summitps.org    

Corrected Denali Petition Link

Wed, Jan 18 8:18am

Dear Community, We accidentally sent the wrong link to the petition! Please sign and share this link instead: https://bit.ly/SaveSummitDenali Thank you for your support! Unite Summit

We Must Support Denali - A message from the Summit Unite teachers union re: Summit Denali planned closure.

Wed, Jan 18 7:54am

This is an email from the Summit Unite teachers union. I am posting it to all middle school parents/guardians on Konstella.    From: info@email.actionnetwork.org   Dear Summit colleagues, families, an ... [More]

#SaveDenali FundRaising Interest

Mon, Jan 16 3:05pm

Dear Parents, Summit Public Schools is a leading charter public school network building a world where every student is equipped to lead a fulfilled life — one with purpose, financial independence, com ... [More]

Queries to Summit on Denali

Mon, Jan 16 3:01pm

Summit Denali is not continuing its operations post this academic year was the latest salvo from school management last week. Parents were told LCFF and SB740 funding as main reasons, trying to compre ... [More]

Save Denali

Sat, Jan 14 1:07pm

Good evening Parents have spent time analyzing to see how better we can write a petition to Santa Clara County Office of Education. Now ended up with a laundry list after many hours on this topic have ... [More]

Daily meet, what next ?

Fri, Jan 13 2:58pm

Hi All, I have setup a open, unfiltered, talk everything zoom *#SaveDenali* 5pm every day for next 2 weeks Till 24 Jan Thu Starting today, including Saturday & Sunday. Bit.ly/SaveDenali

Summit High School Open Houses & Shadows (Grades 8-12) for only our Denali students & parents – First one this coming Tuesday!

Fri, Jan 13 11:56am

Hello, Summit Tahoma,  Everest and Prep have created open house and shadow experiences just for our Denali community.  IF yu have an 8th grader than these opportunities will be of interest to you. We  ... [More]

#SaveDenali Open Forum (Daily)

Thu, Jan 12 1:17pm

    Hi All,   I have setup a open, unfiltered, talk everything zoom   *#SaveDenali*   5pm  every day for next 2 weeks  Till 24 Jan Thu   Starting today, including Saturday & Sunday.   Bit.ly/SaveDenali  

Summit Denali Meeting Recap and Updates

Thu, Jan 12 11:38am

To our wonderful families, We know you have alot of questions and concerns.  I would like to direct your attention to you remail inbox to read the "Summit Denali Meeting Recap and Updates".   We are c ... [More]

Please Attend Tonight’s Meeting In Person If Possible

Wed, Jan 11 4:40pm

Hello Denali parents, I encourage you to attend the State of Our School Meeting for all of middle and high school tonight in person if you are able. I have never seen an announcement for this type of ... [More]

Crochet Club Yarn Drive at both school sites this week only

Tue, Jan 10 2:15pm

  Please donate your extra yarn to the Crochet club. Yarn will be used to crochet items for the John Hopkins Children's Hospital! There will be a collection box in the Grandroom at both schools this w ... [More]

Seeking Denali parents who work at Google

Sun, Jan 8 11:21am

Hello Denali community, Summit will be celebrating it's 20th anniversary & it will be Denali's 10th year anniversary. We are seeking someone who works at Google who would be able to sign us/Denali up ... [More]

MathCounts Competition - Seeking Students!

Sun, Jan 8 11:09am

A message from Mr. Caramo - to inform you about joining the MathCounts Denali team. MathCounts will be having a school math competition next month and we are looking for students who would like to rep ... [More]

Both Denali sites open 1/5 & 1/6 regular hours

Thu, Jan 5 9:07am

  Hello weather warriors. Please plan on attending school the next two days.   Sincerely apologies for the limited communications in this regard.  

Good news - we're back in the school building tomorrow, but we will have a half day due to severe weather.

Tue, Jan 3 5:49pm

Good news - we're back in the school building tomorrow! Plan on bringing your student(s) to school by no later than 8:30am. HOWEVER, bad news - due to the storm and safety concerns - we have been advi ... [More]

Stanford Summer Mentorship Program opportunity for students grades 6 -12

Wed, Dec 14 11:23am

Hello all, There is a Stanford Summer Mentorship Program opportunity available for your student. It is a  selective pre-collegiate virtual Summer Mentorship Program - organized by Stanford students, r ... [More]

Tennis Club is Cancelled today

Tue, Dec 13 2:53pm

We had to cancel Tennis club. Due to illness & basketball playoffs.

DMS Staff Holiday Dinner

Mon, Dec 5 7:25am

Good Morning Grizzly Families, As we move further into the holiday seasons. We are planning a teacher and staff dinner. At this dinner event, we will recognize and celebrate our teachers and staff’s h ... [More]

Math & Science Festival this weekend - Dec 4 from 1:30 -4:30

Thu, Dec 1 11:57am

There is a Community Math and Science festival for kids of all ages. Students will participate in fun interactive activities and develop strong math skills.   LOCATION – Crosswalk Community Church - 4 ... [More]

Denali Dines Out - Dine In, Takeout or Curbside AL DAY BJ's

Wed, Nov 30 1:19pm

Denali Dines Out is for both our middle and high school families. Our host for this event is BJ's located at  511 Coleman Ave San Jose, CA 95110 408-343-7230 .  https://www.bjsrestaurants.com/location ... [More]

Dickens Fair

Tue, Nov 22 12:28pm

We realize it seems a bit early for Christmas, but tomorrow (Dec 19) is opening day of the 38th annual Dickens Christmas Fair and one of our past Denali families has discounted tickets. If you've neve ... [More]

Support Summit Denali on Giving Tuesday TOMORROW: (November 29th)

Thu, Nov 17 8:29am

Donate to Summit Denali to support our students! Donations go towards: Out of School Experiences (Field Trips). Purchase of 14 Smartboards. These devices would serve 12 general education teachers' cla ... [More]

Morning Mentor Potluck Tomorrow on Friday, Nov 18 - (Spirit Week)

Thu, Nov 17 8:05am

Reminder, Friday morning will conclude Spirit Week with a Potluck during morning mentor time starting at 9:00am.   Please sign up to bring a dish/food to share with your classmates.  No food with nuts ... [More]

Denali Spirit Week

Sat, Nov 12 10:22am

Hello Denali Families!   Spirit Week starts Monday, November 14.  Here are the activities for each day:   Monday (Nov 14)           Pajama Day  Tuesday (Nov 15)           Career Day Wednesday (Nov 16) ... [More]

Zillion Thanks for Trunk or Treat 💀👻🎃( share us your Trunk 📷 for an award)

Wed, Nov 2 6:42pm

Hey Parents,   Thanks for the kind support for the Trunk Or Treat yesterday with overwhelming support by lending both your trunks, treats. We’re creating an album here in Konstella. https://bit.ly/Den ... [More]


Sun, Oct 30 8:54pm

Our Middle School campus driveway will have be hosting our annual "TRUNK or Treat" and will be closed to vehicle traffic until 2:30pm for the safety of our students.    Please try to plan accordingly, ... [More]

Please consider dontating to our October Seasonal Events - Trunk or Treat & Dia De Los Muertos requests

Mon, Oct 24 12:05pm

  Seeking - 6 more parents for Trunk or Treat -  We currently have 8 trunks signed up, but seeking 6 more to have a lucky 13! To sign up please click here. Questions - please contact Mimi at - mmaher@ ... [More]

New ZOmm link for tonights's Mental Health Meeting - 6:230 Mtg

Thu, Oct 20 6:33pm


Midde Schhol YearBook Design Cover Contest - Begins today -Deadline of November 4

Wed, Oct 12 10:42am

YearBook Design Contest - Deadline of November 4 Calling all creative types. We are seeking art submissions for our middle school yearbook front cover and back cover. The beginning of this contest wil ... [More]

Denali Parent Organization - WE NEED YOU!

Wed, Sep 28 8:52am

Hello Grizzlies - Big News! The Denali Parent Organization (DPO) will be working as one organization for both sites. Mimi  Mimi Magsaysay-Mayer will co-chair as the main lead of the "high school branc ... [More]

Take advantage of 30% off Grizzly spirit wear. Sale ends tomorrow / Aprovecha el 30% de descuento en el uso de bebidas espirituosas Grizzly. La venta finaliza mañana

Tue, Sep 6 9:55am

Take advantage of 30% off of everything in our Grizzly spirit wear store.  This back-to-school sale ends tomorrow on Wednesday!  This is the biggest sale event of the year. Purchases ship directly to ... [More]