11th Grade Study Trip to LA
Wed, Apr 3 - Fri, Apr 5
Summit Denali
1 day before

These trips can only happen with your driving support!  Please sign up to drive here.  Thank You!

This year the 11th grade is going on college tours in Los Angeles.  We’re also visiting colleges along the route on the way up and the way back.  We’ll be spending the night in a hotel in the LA area. We will depart on Wednesday 4/3 in the morning and return on Friday 4/5 at the end of the regular school day or possibly later.

We plan on taking all (approx 100) kids with us. Staff, as always, will transport themselves. If we need to we can put a few kids in staff cars, but it would be great to limit that as much as possible.

For this trip, we need drivers throughout the day on all days, so it would be great if you can drive the whole trip.

Accommodations for parents:

Parents are requested to pay for their own accommodations, but if that is a hardship, please contact Mr. Bock for reimbursement.  Please arrange that in advance. If you plan to stay at the same hotel as the students, you will need to be volunteer screened (you need a background check and TB test).  If you stay at a different hotel nearby, then you do not need the background check and TB test.   The students will be staying at the Days Inn in Fullerton.

Volunteer Driver Forms:

Summit Denali requires that ALL volunteer drivers fill out the driver forms every school year.   Updated copies of your Drivers License, Insurance, and Registration need to be provided to the school.  The volunteer driver forms can be found on the parent org website.  If you were already approved to drive for the camping trip, then please just send us any updated insurance, registration or drivers license info that might have expired since the camping trip.

Hotel Info:

Please contact Abigail for hotel reservation information.

Questions?  Please email Abigail van Roode: abigailvr@gmail.com