6th Grade Moves to Weddell
Mon, Jan 30 8:15am-3:25pm
539 E. Weddell Drive, Sunnyvale
3 days before, 1 day before

6th graders will be joining the rest of our Grizzlies at our Weddell campus beginning on Monday, January 30. 


Please note that school starts at 8:15am and students are released at 3:25pm.


Dismissal/ Student Pick up
Thank you to all of our Denali families for your patience with our new dismissal/ pick up system. The line has gotten faster and more efficient each day. Please take a minute to look over the following reminders about our new system:

   -There is NO STOPPING allowed on Weddell Dr. If our driveway is full, cars need to circle the block or find another place to park. Cars are not allowed to line up onto Weddell Dr.
     - Our neighbors at the Sunnyvale International Church at 521 E Weddell Dr. have opened their parking lot to our parents during pickup. Drivers may park there. A Denali faculty member will radio your student's name to campus and they will walk over to meet you.
     - Forget your sign? Don’t worry! A Denali faculty member will be standing at the front of the pickup line - you can just tell them. You can pick up new signs at the front desk.
     - The driveway does not open for pickup until 3:10. If you arrive before 3:10pm, please find another place to park.
     - If your student is staying for an after-school program or academic support, they will stay in their classroom during dismissal and then be released to go to the correct room.