7th-8th Grade Celebration of Learning
Thu, Dec 21 8:25am-11:45am
Summit Denali - Weddell Campus
1 day before
Dear Families,
We would like to invite you to celebrate the learning and progress of our 7th and 8th grade students on Thursday, December 21st from 8:25 - 11:45 am. Classes will be 45 minutes each with a short break for brunch at 10:00 am. Students will go to their history, English, science and elective class in the morning to present projects, show work and receive awards. For more details on each class, please see descriptions below! After lunch students will participate in mentor PLT and mentor time celebrations. 
All families are invited to come and celebrate the end of the semester with their students! 
  • Please let us know if you can make it by filling out this form
Parking will be challenging - please use street parking on Morse Ave. and Borregas Ave.
If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact Ms. Steele at asteele@summitps.org.
Looking forward to seeing you there to celebrate all the hard work the students have been doing at school!
- The Denali Middle School Staff




This semester we have learned about the Middle Ages in Europe, Asia, the Islamic World and MessoAmerica. Students will take turns in a gallery walk sharing their selected products. We will wrap up with a fun group game.


This semester has been based around studying the formation of the United States, and it's formation. In class we will have a Museum Exhibit dedicated to the U.S. Expansion of the early to mid 1800s.


This semester, students have read The House on Mango Street and the Outsiders, responding to both texts in a variety of ways. For our celebration, students will share their writing aloud in a coffee house style fashion with food and beverages provided. We will also have some fun writing games to play with family members who join us.


Students will present their final draft of an imaginative narrative, building off their analysis of development and theme in either The Golden Compass or The House of the Scorpion. In this narrative, they have incorporated narrative techniques such as dialogue and sensory detail as well as fantasy and sci fi elements to make their story come alive for the reader. In class, students will also pitch their narrative to both parents and other students as as the basis for a video game, movie, or tv show.


Half of the students will present a chosen artifact from class in a science fair format. The other half of the students, and the parents, will walk around the gallery viewing project and asking questions. After ~ 15 minutes, the other half of students will present their projects. We will end with a parents vs. students quiz game.  


Students will present their video game pitch from our most recent project, EvoWorld. We looked at environmental changes and how landscapes and organisms on our planet change over time. Students then designed an imagined planet’s ecosystem to create a realistic science fiction setting! Students who have Raised the Bar will explain the model they created for our new project Scale Visualizations! Students created a model to make hard-to-see processes visible!

Elective Course


Intro to Drama

This semester students have been working on script analysis, showing not telling and working collaboratively. During the drama celebration of learning we will play a short drama game to warm up and then showcase the students' pantomime projects that they wrote themselves!

Intro to Design

This semester students learned a variety of artistic elements through various projects. During our celebration we will have a short blind contour drawing contest to practice drawing with our eyes. After that, we will have a short awards ceremony for Most Improved Designer, Most Consistent Effort, Unique Thinker and Most Questions Asked. Then we will have an art gallery walk- complete with sparkling juice and cheese tray!

Intro to Computer Science

This Semester Students have learned about the skills and tools required to be a good digital citizen. They have learned the skills of critical thinking and problem solving through units on programming and Web design.Students will present their learning as a focus group.