8th Grade Promotion Event
Tue, Jun 6 4:00pm-7:00pm
Baylands Park - 999 E Caribbean Dr, Sunnyvale, CA
1 day before

8th Grade Promotion is an opportunity for us to come together as a Denali community to celebrate the hard work of our rising 9th graders. On this special day, we will formally honor the 8th grade class in a community ceremony.

Half-day Dismissal

  • All Denali students will have a half day on June 6th to allow for 8th graders and families to prepare for promotion. Students should be picked up between 11:45 and 12:30.

Student check-in time: 

  • 8th graders need to report to graduation by 3:30pm to check in with their mentors and prepare. 


  • Parking at Baylands Park costs $6. Please bring exact change for parking or buy your parking pass before the ceremony from Ms. Diaz or Ms. Oseguera at the front desk of Denali

What to bring:

  • Your student, proud family and friends, and a dessert to share! There is no limit to how many people may attend from each family. All grades welcome!
  • We’ll provide seating and an event photographer to capture the moment when your child walks across the stage, shakes hands and is awarded their diploma.

Student attire:

  • Boys: White shirt (preferably collared) and long, dark pants. Clothing should not have any large graphics on the front or back. 
  • Girls: Same guidelines as boys or they can wear a nice dress/skirt similar to what they would wear to a formal school dance. Keep in mind that Baylands Park is a very windy area and you will want to choose your clothing accordingly.

Potluck details:

  • Please join us for an informal dessert potluck directly after the ceremony. We’re asking 6th and 7th grade families to bring a dessert to share. 8th grade families are invited to as well. Drinks and paper utensils will be provided.

Baylands Park Info

  • Baylands Park is considered a nature preserve and has very strict rules for what is allowed in the park. Please take note of the following restrictions . We will be strictly enforcing them. The following are NOT allowed in the park at anytime: Pets, Kites, Balloons, Styrofoam