Denali Families - We Need YOU to Write Letters to Sunnyvale City Council (supporting our new HS campus) by December 1
Wed, Nov 28 1:15pm

Dear Denali Families,

Thank you very much for your offers to help and support as we continue to move forward towards our goal of bringing Summit Denali to our permanent high school home on San Aleso Ave.!

As a follow up to the last couple of Grizzly Bytes newsletters, now that we have a finalized planning commission date, of December 10th, we are asking you to write letters to the Planning Commission in support of Denali! As a parent in our community your voice is critically important and we want to include all of your letters in our final submission to the Commission.  

Action Steps:

  1. Write a personal letter to the Planning Commission sharing why you chose Summit Denali and why this facility is important to you (If you'd like, this letter template is may be helpful) by December 1st.
    • Email your personalized letter to Kate Gottfredson (Kate is Summit's Director of Government Affairs) 


    • Drop off a signed copy of your personalized letter at the school (either campus), ATTN: Kevin Bock
  1. Recruit a friend or fellow Sunnyvale resident to write a letter to the Planning Commission in support of Summit Denali's new campus on San Aleso, even if they are not a Denali family!
  2. Attend the Planning Commission Public Hearing on December 10th @ 7:00 PM (Location: Sunnyvale City Hall – Council Chambers @ 456 W. Olive Ave., Sunnyvale, CA 94086) 
The entire Summit Denali team is incredibly grateful for your support and we are honored that you have chosen to Summit Denali for your family!

With gratitude,