Denali Marketplace and Weekend Activities Opportunities
Mon, Nov 20 9:29am

A glorious week off from school!  Nothing to do . . . nothing to do . . . Have you heard "I'm bored!" yet?


Opportunities for weekend and break activities can, and are, listed in the Weekend Activities Social Groups.  Discount Tickets and services can, and are, listed in the Denali Marketplace Social Group.  Both of these groups keep you, the parent, aware of opportunities to ease boredom in your house, or just shake things up a bit, on weekends or over breaks.  Consider signing up for one of these groups so you can take advantage of these opportunities.


Currently some opportunities listed in these groups are:


Discounted tickets to The Dickens Christmas Fair at the Cow Palace (now through December 17th)

Access to one of our parents that is a Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Practitioner and NeurOptimal Brain Trainer.

Information on tours of the Stanford Linear Accelerator

Information on Exhibits coming to, or currently at The Tech Museum.


Additionally, if you have a family run business, or know of a service or business that truly support, consider advertising to our community through the Denali Marketplace.  This will end up being a great resource for services our community offers, as well as a great resource for references outside of our community.