Denali San Aleso High School Building Community Engagement Meeting
Wed, Aug 1 6:30pm-8:00pm
539 E. Weddell Drive, Sunnyvale, CA
1 day before

Join us at our Community Engagement meeting for our new (future) high school building which is located at 824 San Aleso Ave, Sunnyvale. The meeting will be held at Summit Denali's Middle School campus at 539 E Weddell Drive, Sunnyvale.   

This is a required step in the permitting process before construction of our high school at 824 San Aleso Ave, Sunnyvale. Summit Public Schools values community input and we want to make sure that our project proceeds with the thoughts of local residents clearly understood. This is a critical step toward ensuring that the project best fits the needs and desires in the area. To this end, we will be holding a Community Outreach Meeting, hosting members of the surrounding neighborhoods as we discuss the details of our project and field what questions or comments there may be. 

While this meeting is for the neighbors surrounding our new campus, we'd especially love current Denali Sunnyvale families and Sunnyvale families in the SNAIL area to attend!!  Hope to see you there!

Just to be clear, this meeting is for the future high school building at 824 San Aleso Ave in Sunnyvale.  This should not be confused with Denali's current temporary high school facility at 1133 W Washington Ave in Sunnyvale.