Final Parent Org Meeting 5/22 - Come one! Come all!
Mon, May 21 4:14pm

And it's going to be a DOOZIE!


Tomorrow night, May 22nd, from 7-8:30pm, at the Weddell campus, we will be holding our final Denali Parent Org Meeting, and we are inviting and encouraging everyone to attend.


Not only will we be congratulating, and welcoming aboard our newly elected  Core Team for 2018/2019, but Mr. Guilbeau, our Dean of Student Culture, will be our guest.  He will be speaking about the current culture at Denali, his effect upon it, so far, and the plans for the future of Summit Denali Student Culture. This is our first chance, as parents, to actually welcome him to the Denali community,  so let's make it memorable. 


We really hope that everyone who can, will attend, and that this meeting will put a cap on an, otherwise, stellar year for the Denali Parent Org at Summit Denali. 


Looking forward to seeing you there, 

Rob Rothrock, MS Co-Chair

On behalf of the 2017/2018 Core Team