Help recruit next year's Grizzlies!
Fri, Nov 16 10:04pm
Summit Denali
Share about Summit Denali on NextDoor App - Help recruit next year's Grizzlies!
We want to ensure that the Summit Denali experience is available to as many students as possible. Consistently, the best recruitment tool is word of mouth from our fabulous families -- often times leading to pockets of Summit Denali students pop up in neighborhoods across Santa Clara County, which makes for easy community and easy carpools! 
Can you help recruit next year's Grizzlies? Many families are beginning to consider school options for next year and we want to be sure they know about Summit Denali, and our upcoming November 28th Open House! If you post on the neighborhood app NextDoor, can you spread the word about Summit Denali? Do you have an elementary school community, religious community or neighborhood organization where you can spread the word?