High School Camping Trip
Tue, Sep 4 8:15am - Wed, Sep 5 3:25pm
Summit Denali
1 day before

This camping trip has been a tradition at ALL Summit Public Schools for over a decade.  At the start of every school year, the entire student body (in this case, the high school students) and faculty go camping for one night at a nearby camp and this memorable event is the foundation for the mentor/mentee relationships for the year and beyond. The program is designed and led by the Denali mentors, and it’s all about the kids being together in their Community Groups.


For more information visit the camping trip page on the parent org website: https://summitdenaliparents.wordpress.com/camping-trip/


We will need volunteer drivers and cooks for this event!  Please mark your calendars.  Sign-ups will be available later in the summer.