High School Expeditions Celebration of Learning
Thu, May 24 5:00pm-7:00pm
Summit Denali
1 day before
The Denali Expeditions Celebration of Learning for 9th and 10th grade will be taking place on Thursday evening (5/24) from 5pm-7pm at the Weddell campus. This event is an opportunity for your high schooler to showcase what they've worked on in their Expeditions classes this year. The programming for the evening can be seen below:
  • 5-5:30 Welcome and Class Awards

  • 5:30-5:35 Transition to AM Class

  • 5:35-6:15 AM Class Showcase

  • 6:15-6:20 Transition to PM Class

  • 6:20-7:00 PM Class Showcase

We hope to see you there!  ( Parking is available at the Sunnyvale International Church - 2 doors down from Denali)
Kristina Bockhold

*If your student is unable to attend due to prior commitments, please respond directly to me, kbockhold@summitps.org, and I will add them to our excused absence tracker.*