Need Volunteer Help Delivering Leftover School Lunches to Sunnyvale Community Services
Thu, Aug 16 7:09am
Summit Denali
Hi All
We have very very little space in the high school kitchen to store our fridge items and we desperately need someone to come at the end of the lunch service and take leftovers to Sunnyvale Community Services.
If we can pick it up daily right after meal service ends (approx 2 pm) they can use our leftover hot food and refrigerate the cold food to re-distribute.
We need help in transporting the items on a daily basis, but it doesn't have to be the same person every day.
Sue Johnson, who runs our food service at the middle school delivers the middle school leftovers, but she wouldn't mind some help with that as well.  Please contact Sue if you can help at the middle school:
Please contact Valeria Torres if you can help out at the high school (
Thank you!