New Goal: Funding for ANGST Movie
Tue, Aug 7 5:41am
Thank you and a request!  In 24 hours, 18 families contributed to providing the first round of funding ($500) for us to offer a private screening of ANGST - a new documentary about anxiety at an upcoming Parent Ed night this fall.  (Click here to view the movie trailer.)  That paypal pool closed.
We later found out that we actually need a total of $650 to fully fund this movie so this is a request for the final $150.  We are hoping that a few more families can contribute a minimum of a $25 donation to finish it off.  We are so close!
Please visit this Angst Movie paypal pool to make a donation.  When the $150 is reached, we will close the pool to complete this project.

Thank you so much for your support!

For questions, please contact Debbie Stauffer, Summit Denali Parent Ed Coordinator, at