Newsletter from the Summit Denali Parent Org for 8/11/2018
Sat, Aug 11 6:21am
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In the 08/11/2018 edition:

Denali High School Camping Trip Volunteer Signups (Driving, Cooking, Kitchen Help, Food Service, Photography)

The Summit Denali High School camping trip is Tuesday 9/4/2018 – Wednesday 9/5/2018. We need parent volunteer drivers to get the students both there and back as well as volunteers to plan for and run the food service for the students. Please consider signing up to help with this fun event! For more information about...
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Denali Middle School Camping Trip Driver Volunteer Signups

The Summit Denali Middle School camping trip is Monday 9/24/2018 – Tuesday 9/25/2018. We need parent volunteer drivers to get the students both there and back as well as volunteers to plan for and run the food service for the students. Please consider signing up to help with this fun event! For more information about...
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High School Sports Sign Ups – Cross Country, Women’s Volleyball

Athletics paperwork for 2018-19 is available now! It can be completed and turned in to the front desk at Weddell anytime. It is valid for all Denali MS and HS sports during the 2018-19 school year, and only needs to be completed once. We STRONGLY RECOMMEND completing it early! Do it over the summer and...
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Denali 2018-2019 Calendars

2018-19 School Calendar: Please follow this link to the 2018-19 Denali School Calendar! Denali Events Calendar: Please follow this link to our Denali Events Calendar. Some important dates include: Middle School Back to School Night (at Weddell Ave Middle School campus) – Tuesday, August 21, 6-7:30pm High School Back to School Night (at Washington Ave High School campus) –...
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2018-19 Facilities and Hours of Operations

As you know, our long-term facilities plan is to have our middle school building at 539 E. Weddell Drive in Sunnyvale and our high school building about one mile away at 824 San Aleso Avenue in Sunnyvale. We are currently in the process of obtaining all necessary approvals from the City of Sunnyvale for this...
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First Days of School – Schedule & Location

First Day of School for Students New to Denali (all grade levels) – Tuesday, August 14 The first day is a half day of orientation. (Our returning students in all grade levels will join us on Wednesday, August 15th.) New Middle School (6th-8th) grade students will be at our Weddell campus (539 E. Weddell Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94089) from 8:15am to 11:45am....
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First Day of School – School Supplies

Generally, Denali does not have a specific, required list of supplies for students since one thing we hope to do is help every student develop their own preferred ways of working. We do make recommendations about what many students will find beneficial: A personal reading book A supply of pens and pencils Headphones (labeled with...
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Goal Achieved: Funding for ANGST Movie

Thank you so much! This past week, 23 families contributed to providing funding for us to offer a private screening of ANGST – a new documentary about anxiety. (Click here to view the movie trailer.) The paypal pool is now closed. Save the date to see the film on Tuesday, November 13th at 6pm. Summit parents,...
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Parking Permits for High School Drivers, 2018-19 School Year

This will be the first year that some Summit Denali students may be able to drive themselves to school. We are committed to being good neighbors and maintaining respectful relationships at our current and future locations, and in that spirit, we have developed a Summit Denali Transportation & Parking Policythat outlines the policies and regulations around...
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Car Pickup at Weddell

We have a specific car pickup system at Weddell that moves cars through the line as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is a system used by many schools and it was designed for Denali’s Weddell campus by school transportation experts. On the first day of school, each family will receive a colored sign to...
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Car Drop Off and Pick Up at Washington Campus

Here are the instructions for Drop Off and Pick Up at our High School Campus: Drop Off At drop off, enter via the Washington Avenue entrance. There are signs for Summit Denali! Follow the signs for drop-off or for Parking. The drop-off line continues around the corner of the building and students will exit from...
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Middle School Cell Phone Policy (New for Rising 8th Graders!)

At Denali we try to help students successfully manage screen time both at school and at home. We understand that most students are thoughtful about using cell phones appropriately, but in order to keep all of our students as focused as possible on their work at school and to have more meaningful face-to-face interactions with their...
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