Summit Denali’s High School Campus: 195 Leota Avenue, Sunnyvale
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Date: Wednesday, January 23, 2019 @ 6:00 - 7:30pm
Location: Denali’s High School Campus: 195 Leota Avenue, Sunnyvale
Abdul Duso, Summit's Director of College Readiness, will join us as well as others from Denali's college team to give an overview of the college process and explain how Summit and parents work together to support students' future college goals. We will also talk about saving for college because it's never too early to start! The night will feature an overview of the college process followed by breakout sessions to allow you to learn more about specific areas of interest relevant to your family!

All middle and high school families are welcome and encouraged to attend. Translation to Spanish is provided at all Denali events!

The night will begin with a 30-minute general overview for all families. In order to provide the most relevant information for your student's age, we will have one overview for 6th to 8th-grade families, another for 9th and 10th-grade families and one just for 11th-grade families. 

After the overview, we will offer two rounds of 20-minute breakout sessions. The breakout sessions planned are (subject to change):

  • Preparing for College Tests: SAT, ACT and the alphabet soup of college admissions!
  • Paying for College: How much does it cost, and where's that money going to come from?
  • Being a well-rounded Applicants: It's not just about grades and test scores!
  • Admissions at Highly Selective Colleges: Tips and tricks for students interested in the most selective universities.
  • Managing Stress During the College Process: Helping families understand what productive vs. unproductive stress looks like during the high stakes college application process.
We hope you can join us next Wednesday, January 23rd!

Can't make it? Check out Denali's college resources one-pager for a good place to start, and keep your eyes open for future College Info Nights.