Parent Ed Night - Conscious Parenting
Summit Denali - High School Campus (195 Leota Ave)
1 day before

Parent Ed  Night: “Conscious Parenting: How Parents Can Help Their Teens with Emotions and Stress”

  • Date: Thursday, March 14 @ 6:00pm
    • Students are welcome to stay after school for Nostalgia Night, so parents can avoid 2 separate trips to school.
    • There will also be a raffle for a FREE SAT or ACT Prep Course (an $800 value) during the parent ed night.  More info can be found here.
  • Location: High School Campus (195 Leota Ave, Sunnyvale)
This workshop was a huge success earlier this year at another local high school.  Thanks to a generous donor, we will be able to share the same experience at Summit Denali.  You are highly encouraged to attend this unique and experiential workshop!  Here’s more information...

Almost every family and parent-child relationship is first conceived with the intention of love and respect. And although we think, as parents, that it is our responsibility to mold and shape our children’s future, the reality is often far more complex and multi-layered. The premise of Conscious Parenting is that our children are born to us to create deep internal transformation within us.

Inspired by the bestseller, The Conscious Parent: Transforming Ourselves Empowering Our Children by Shefali Tsabary, PhD (and Oprah’s favorite parenting expert), Denali parents will engage in an interactive talk to explore how self-awareness and mindfulness practices can bolster an environment in which parents learn alongside their children and help raise emotionally mature adults. 

How do we help support our children in their stressful academic lives? How do we find peace with the challenging role of parenting our children through this competitive process? In this talk, Mark Tanaka will explore the role how nervous system regulation in the parent plays a key role in  the success and inner peace of our children. Nervous system regulation is the capacity to find calm and peace promptly after stress. Our ability to recover from stress and find ease and peace regularly creates resilience. 

The resilience of our nervous system directly impacts our productivity in school and our capacity for relationships. For children, their capacity and tendencies around nervous system regulation are established in their early developmental phases. Parents play a crucial role in the development of the child's capacity for nervous system regulation. 

We know that academic smarts are not enough to help our children succeed at home, school and the community. In fact, research shows that skills such as communication and emotional regulation are deciding factors for those students that stay and thrive or those that struggle and possibly drop out of college.

Helping our children understand how to regulate their nervous system will offer a multitude of benefits including their ability to regulate their emotions, make informed decisions, appropriately advocate for themselves, and build healthy and sustainable relationships.  Parents will walk away with a new understanding and tools for helping their child!

Mark Tanaka is a Healer Educator and Pioneer in the field of inner transformation. Mark is well studied in Eastern body/mind training methods and philosophy and integrates this with cutting edge psychology and coaching.