Parent Education Night: Restorative Practices - Workshop on Summit's Culture
Thu, Oct 13 6:30pm-8:00pm
Summit Denali - Weddell (539 E. Weddell Dr., Sunnyvale, CA)
1 day before

Do you know how the discipline system works at Summit and how all students and teachers are engaged in this process?  What does Restorative Practices really mean and is it effective?  


Come learn from our teacher leaders, Nick Sidlin and Kristina Bockhold about how its practice of Restorative Justice is a sustainable, equitable, and respectful alternative to dealing with misbehavior and is a proactive strategy to create a culture of connectivity and care where all members of the school community can thrive.


This will be an active and engaging session together…and an essential session for all parents to attend.


Please note that this event will be held at the WEDDELL campus location (539 E. Weddell Dr., Sunnyvale, CA).