Parent Org Meeting Today 7:00PM - Video Conference Login Information
Tue, Jan 22 1:58pm
Summit Denali

Please join us this evening for an all video conference meeting. We will discuss up coming school events for both Middle and High Schools. We would also like your input on Denali school spirit and what we can do to encourage more. Below are directions and practices for successful conference calling. We hope you can join us.




Join Zoom Meeting
To join, participants should click the above link, which will take them to the Zoom website. If they don't already have it, the Zoom video conference tool will automatically download. Fingers crossed that this all works smoothly -- this is our first DPO video conference!
Tips for Video Conferencing with Groups:
1. Mute - Keep your microphone on MUTE unless you are speaking. This will greatly enhance the sound quality for all participants since it will help eliminate background noise. The zoom app has a microphone button in the bottom left corner. When there is a red cross through it, your microphone is muted.
2. Be Patient - There can be a multi second lag time between speaking and everyone receiving the audio signal. Expect there to be pauses in the conversation.
3. One speaker at a time - Unlike face to face conversation there can be only one person speaking. Multiple audio signals cannot occur at the same time. If you interrupt you may inadvertently cut off the speakers audio completely.
4. Not working? - If the video/audio connection is not working for you, try quitting the Zoom application and clicking the above link again. Sometimes reloading solves all problems!
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