Personalized Learning Meeting Day - No School
Fri, Mar 16
Summit Denali
1 day before

As a reminder, March 16th is a non-school day for all students so that we can hold mid-year PLP meetings. (Middle school students will also have a non-school day on March 15th, for middle school faculty professional development.) Personalized Learning Plan meetings are an important step-back for students, families and mentor to connect around a student’s big goals.

While our fall personalized learning plan meetings are required for all students and families, our mid-year meetings are required for students who are academically struggling and will be optionally available for other students and families. We have reached out to families for whom these meetings are required, and we are now opening any available time slots to the rest of our families. If you would like to schedule a Spring PLP meeting with your child’s mentor, please reach out to them via email or phone.