Request for laptops for robotics expeditions
Sat, Aug 18 10:31am
Summit Denali


I am teaching robotics class at 4 Summit HS i in the South Bay (including Denali) starting Monday. Each class will have students pairing up to use a robot which requires a laptop (nonChromebook) to program it. I’m expecting that I will need as many as 15 per school. I have 9 working now, but I need another 6 for Monday.

I am looking for laptops that run at least Windows 7. Apple laptops will work also.

If you are interested in selling it, we can arrange it although its coming from my personal budget until I can get donorchoose going.

I could take loaners and return them at the end of the year.

If you’d like to donate it, I believe I can get you a tax deduction letter.

Thanks for your help!